You are how you shoot!

While trying to learn shooting with a bow, I reflected all what I was learning to real life.

1- What may look so easy, could be so hard. Don’t judge from outside.

2- Never be so happy by hitting the target nor too sad by missing it, there is always another round.

3- Forget about the past, don’t worry about the future, focus in this current moment, do it right and enjoy it anyways.

4- The snow ball effect is real. Embracing new habit (whether good or bad) will eventually introduce its sister. Example here: To perform well in archery, you will have to work on your general fitness, you will watch your diet, you will struggle to manage your time,… etc.

5- In the archery target, every color has two grades, except for the gold they are three: graded 9, 10 and 10x.

The “good” has a sharper tuning to upgrade it to “excellent”. Although “A” is the best grade, yet there is always someone who will get an “A+”.

To be continued


2 thoughts on “You are how you shoot!

  1. I have an off-topic but related question.
    How does one get into the sport of archery in Egypt? Where to learn? Where to train? Are there any special requirements (age, height, eye-sight grade, etc.)?

    By question, I actually meant 4 🙂

  2. Welcome Marwan,
    As far as I know, Archery training is officially in shooting club (Dokki), police academy & a third place that I don’t remember 🙂
    Other private places are: Maharat Academy (Super Global School in 6 Oct), Swiss club (Imbaba) and Skills Academy (Ashgar club – 6 October).
    Training starts from 6 years old up to 70.
    No special heidht or eye-sight needed.
    I will send u on your email the telephone number of my coach, he will have better answers than me 🙂
    Good luck!

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