“Have a big problem?”.. Try my Social First Aid Tips

source: www.lelong.com.my
source: http://www.lelong.com.my

For every problem, there is a solution.

Try to cheer up and believe me. Why should I deceive you anyway??!

Okay.. You probably will not find that solution in a blink of an eye.. you will have to work for it.. but till then, try my first aid procedures, I guarantee it will make a difference:

1. Calm down.. Calm down.. Calm down

You will never take the right action or decision while you are angry, nervous or terrified.

Do what it takes to calm down (I mean all safe non-addictive procedures):

Drink anise & chamomile all day, take a warm bath, ask for massage, sleep if you can, spray lavender or any calming essential oil all over the house …. And on the top of all calmatives, comes tip #2

2. Thikr.. Thikr.. Thikr… Thikr is always accompanied with the word “lot”:

Payers upon the prophet… La Hawla Wala Quwwata Ila Billah …. Istighfar..

Hundreds.. hundreds, you will feel stronger than whoever or whatever causing you the problem.

And on the top of Thikr comes tip #3

3. Qur’an.. Read or play Surat Al-Baqara around the house, read Ruqya for whoever is affected by the problem.

Reading Surat Al-Baqara expels the devil out of the house for 3 days, and sure we want the angels to attend instead, here comes tip #4

4. Clean, declutter and perfume the house. The angels disdain what we disdain. So please welcome the guests generously.

5. Remember the following:

– You are not the first one to face this problem.

– However good or bad a situation is, it will change.

– Diamonds are formed under pressure.

6. Seek for honest and professional advice

Again: Honest and Professional. Honesty alone will not be as helpful, professional alone could be manipulative.

Don’t be shy or arrogant to ask for help, or else you will suffer forever.

Finally and most importantly: grab the chance, it’s one of the perfect times to get closer to Allah, your best companion ever. May be He just wanted to hear your voice in sincere prayers.

Recommended readings: Don’t be sad – Al-Qarni


5 thoughts on ““Have a big problem?”.. Try my Social First Aid Tips

  1. Salaam,
    Well said sister. You are doing it perfect :o)
    Do you know a professional person to seek (his) advice? :o)

    1. Salaam brother, yes I know someone, but is currently searching for a suitable clinic or center. I wouldn’t recommend referring to him before then, as you would only add a burden on his pile of hundreds of pending consultations.. Have good patience please.. why rush? :o))))

  2. Thank you for the REALLY good advice … very realistic … and true.
    Self compassion is very important when one faces a calamity … don’t supress or deny how you feel … acknowledge your feelings and emotions … then deal with them … it’s o.k if we feel the way we do … we are human … most importantly … we shouldn’t beat ourselves up for feeling as we do … saddness and the like are part of life … we can deal with it … don’t listen to anyone how tells you “you are wrong to feel this way” there is no wrong or right way to feel … there is dealing with the feeling … and directing it rightly …

  3. بجد مش عارفة اقولك اية يا هبة …….كلام رائع و معروض باسلوب رائع ربنا يكرمك و يوفقك انا لاول مرة سعيدة بالاسباب اللي خلقت منك الشخصية الجميلة المنتجة دي حتي لو كانت الاسباب صعبة بس النتيجة هايلة و الحمد لله الذي وفقك وهداك الي سبيله و رزقك ادب الاستعانة به
    اللهم وفقنا و اقبلنا في عبادك الصابرين الصادقين الذاكرين يا رب العالمين و اغفر لاختي و اشرح صدرها و يسر امرها و للمؤمنين و المؤمنات و انا معهم يا رب انك انت مولنا ما لنا سواك اليك اللجوء و منك الرجاء

  4. well said..bien dit 🙂
    and I can add sth it may help that “everything will inevitably pass”..Hard times will pass and so do the gud one..
    I’ve just remembered a story for a king who asked all the wise men in his country for a wisdom to write it down his throne, but the wisdom must be compatible with all times.
    Hundreds of them presented millions of wisdoms but nth. was admired by the king..
    Later, a wise man told him, your majesty ” everything will inevitably pass ” then the king start looking at him ..How?..
    The wise man: Your majesty if your kingdom reaches what it reaches it will no longer last and if you lost several battles..War will never last..so, “Everything will inevitably pass”..
    Which means as much as you get angry and depressed, indeed you will become fine, and vice versa..if everyone sits wz himself for a while he will figure out that hard times pass..n happy times pass too..

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