You are how you drive!

Many of us spend too much time driving or riding a vehicle. For me, I’ve started looking at the traffic as a mirror to the whole life, how?

– When you face a problem, sometimes there is nothing to be done but: wait & hope.

–  Something/somebody might hurt you by accident, and vice versa.

– In a high way, if you can’t cope with the fast pace, you will either get crushed or others will look down/angry at you. (usually males are angry from females driving pace yet this would spark the idea of another article about problems caused by MEN’s style of driving :P)

–  Sometimes you are delayed only because the car beside you or the car prior to you or the car you are responsible to lead.

– We wait enthusiastically for the “green” light, get frustrated & disappointed by the “red” light.

– We try to stay as calm as we can despite of other disturbances; from outside: impolite drivers, terrible traffic, bumps, holes….etc. From inside: children talking, whining, jumping or fighting..

–  Although men usually complain of women’s driving yet it’s a good sample for female super powers as our friend Ali Abdel Moniem called it, like: multi-tasking while driving: talking on phone, having a quick look in the mirror (on herself not on other cars), feeding her children, not to mention driving with high heels sometimes.

–  Some people tend to use the brakes ONLY at the last moment.

What else can you think of & relate it to real life?


5 thoughts on “You are how you drive!

  1. Salaam ya Heba,
    SUBHANALLAH, I always thought of (driving) and people’s morals on the road as a very good example to be applied to teaching people thoughts and behaviors in our daily life.
    The most important criteria of them all is Arrogance and/or Flexibility while driving, it gives a very decent image of people’s reactions in certain situations.

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